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don’t get lost.  Use our Financial GPS calculator to get your finances back on track!

Financial GPS Software

During the first 19 years of a 30 year mortgage the average person pays more towards interest than principle.

We feel that this is a big contributor to the retirement crisis. We have an affordable solution to remedy the problem.

  • The proprietary Financial GPS platform uses proven mathematical algorithms to create a custom wealth acceleration plan for every individual/family regardless of current financial circumstances. By design, the software will maximize the highest and best use of net monthly discretionary income for the purposes of wealth acceleration. *
  • The Financial GPS platform helps you to create and maintain a set monthly budget, giving you the ability to track all of your recurring monthly expenditures as well as any unforeseen expenses. It also helps you track your investments, giving you the ability to project the future growth of these accounts for when you are ready for retirement.*
  • The Financial GPS platform eliminates all of the guesswork, it will automatically create your wealth acceleration plan for you. Simply input your financial information and the plan is set-up for you, nothing could be easier. All you need to do is follow the plan exactly as it is outlined for you. You’re on your way to a debt free lifestyle. *
  • The Financial GPS platform will help you create a plan that will accelerate the repayment of all consumer debts including a mortgage in record time, this means you’ll have more cash available to invest in what matters most, your own personal financial goals, not the banks. Imagine living a debt free lifestyle where you’ll never have to stress about your finances again.*
  • The Financial GPS platform is also very user friendly; it sends out reminders via text or email whenever you have an upcoming payment that is due. It will make recommended payment suggestions to a specific creditor based on the net disposable income available every month. It also allows you to adjust your monthly budget whenever your finances change.*
  • The Financial GPS platform is designed to help anyone regardless of their current financial circumstances to realize the dream of true financial freedom. This revolutionary software program has been sold successfully on the market for 10+ years, which can only mean one thing, it works!*


Our GPS which if it was offered in regular retail markets, companies sells software for as much as $3500, through our nonprofit we are offering it for $99 set up, and a recurring $29 donation.

You have an opportunity to use it for 100% free, once you have referred our program to 5 people and if they stay active you will not be required to pay anything to use our program.


You will get access to our partnership program “Control Your Assets” after your 7 day free trial. 19 free videos from the Author Mario Henry’s book “How To Hire Your House” Learn how to get back all your mortgage payments and truly have your house be your hardest working employee.

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